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  5. Tonight I dine on turtle soup!

    I’m back on tumblr after a lengthy absence following the break up of my band and my unwillingness to do anything creative, but now I’ve got shit in the pipeline so hello again tumblr.

    Right now I’m working on a collabo with my bro who goes by the name Lava Pirahna so check out his shit (http://www.reverbnation.com/lavapiranha) and get excited for that.

    More of everything to come.


  6. pampongchamp:

    This better be the new Second Opinions theme from here on out.

    Great job Michael! 

  7. More Life Aquatic love. I call it “Past Lives.”

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  8. I made these to express a little bit of the large amount of affection I have for Bill Murray, Wes Anderson and, in particular, The Life  Aquatic. This one is called “Deep Search.”

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